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Parti Yorkies make a great pet for many people. This breed is actually part of the sporting group of dogs and is well known for its ability to really get active and be a real handful. Parti Yorkies can be found in various colors, and are even sometimes referred to as the British York or Australian Yorkies because of their blue eyes. Parti Yorkies have long coats that are perfect for those who want a dog that will keep them very warm and stay pretty even through cold weather. The biggest part of owning a parti yorkie is of course taking care of it once you got it since these dogs are generally very playful and energetic.

When looking for a good breeder of parti yorkies, one needs to ask some important questions to determine if he truly has genuinebred parti yorkie dogs or he is just trying to sell you a coat. If you find out that he really does have parti-yorkie dogs, then ask him what kind of coat they have and if it would suit your taste. You may not like the color that he has chosen for his parti yorkie coat, but you will most likely agree that he has a wonderful dog.

Parti Yorkies Colors
Parti Yorkies Colors

Most parti-yorkie breeds are long coated and some may be too long for your taste. But if your dog is short coated, then you may want to consider getting a short-coat parti-yorkie. If you do not know how to determine the right parti-yorkie breed for you, then ask your breeder to show you the different types and the differences between them. You will probably notice that there are quite a few breeds that look almost identical, but are actually very different in terms of coat and disposition.

Your parti-yorkie breeder should be able to provide you with information about the temperament and characteristics of each individual parti-yorkie breed. Parti-yorkie may come in different colors such as blue and silver or chocolate and fawn. You may also find the breed to come in a variety of shades such as grey, black and tan. However, the most common type of parti-yorkie that people keep as pets is the black.

There are different sizes and shapes of parti-yorkies. Some are small and adorable, while others are large and energetic. But no matter what your dog’s size, you are sure to find a dog that will fit your personality perfectly. One thing you can consider when choosing a tiny breed of parti-yorkie as your pet is if he will fit into your lifestyle. Remember that just because a parti-yorkie is small doesn’t mean it can be neglected.

Parti-yorkie may not require regular exercise because they are energetic and active during the day. So it is important that you make sure you can provide your dog with ample playing time even if you have to leave him at home all day. A well-behaved parti-yorkie also requires adequate care so that he will grow up to be a responsible dog. A responsible parti-yorkie does not display aggression to outsiders, instead he will listen carefully to you and obey your commands. You also have to train your dog properly, for instance, you have to teach him to sit before getting on his leash or he has to learn to heel properly.

The coat of the parti-yorkie is long and thick, and he has silky hair which protects his skin. If you don’t want your pet to be cold, then you have to buy a sweater for him. A parti-nyorkie also sheds a lot because of his small size, but you can easily groom him to prevent more shedding.

The Parti Yorkie breeder that you will choose to purchase your dog from should be very knowledgeable about the breed and the characteristics of the particular breed he is selling. He should also be an experienced breeder and have a sound understanding of the requirements needed by the Parti Yorkie. By choosing the right Parti Yorkie breeder from the right source, you are guaranteed that your dog will be with you a long time.