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Apostille Services is located in Austin, TX, are proud to announce that they can now handle Authentication and apostille in Texas and Washington DC. We have been serving the American people with our Legal support for over twenty five years. Our team of lawyers are committed to excellence, integrity, and customer service. specialize in the preparation, filing, processing, duplication and retrieving of federal and state legal records. Our firm is always on the go, working to meet your legal documents needs.

apostille austin texas
apostille austin texas

As an experienced legal firm in the area of document service, we offer several services to our legal customers. Our legal document management team consists of skilled file clerks and a team of knowledgeable and experienced lawyers. They are committed to serving you with the highest level of customer service and are always ready to answer any questions or provide any help needed. Our legal document management staff also includes a team of security experts. These experts are committed to protecting all of your important files.

The documents that are most critical to your business are the drafts of merger agreements, operating agreements, change of control agreements, purchase and sales contracts, and all memoranda, letters, communications, and other writing related to business. It is very common for clients to mistakenly leave out some of these important papers. Because it can be time consuming to go through each and every document to find any pertinent information, our service will make sure your file is complete, accurate and up to date. Even if you just happen to have a name missing from your database, our professionals can make sure the correct information is added to your file. If you need additional assistance, our highly trained technical service staff is ready to assist you with whatever you may need.

The legal documents that our legal services service provides are regularly reviewed to ensure their accuracy. This review process includes both staff members and outside consultants who review the documents. Correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and the arrangement of sentences and paragraphs are inspected to ensure consistency. All legal documents are computerized and edited to ensure they are keyword-free, easy to read, clear, and free of mistakes. In addition to reviewing documents for consistency, we also check documents for any errors in formatting.

As hard as it can be to admit, forgetting a name or dates on a legal document can cause a delay in receiving compensation for a legal claim. The A&E Service has an amazing resource that allows you to check names and dates right on our website. You don’t have to worry about remembering what you wrote down, or having to drive to the courthouse to retrieve it. With our easy-to-use online form, you can quickly and easily input your information.

If your legal documents need urgent filing, the Austin Texas apostille service has many options for you. You can choose a private attorney or leave the process up to us. Our service can also fax the files to you, depending on the type of documents. If there are important documents to file that cannot be faxed, we will arrange for a phone call to your office to pick them up. We are always happy to see clients have success with the service we provide.