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A quick little review of Norm Ebenstein – Vimeo Social Profiles; the man is well known in the online networking scene for being a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He is also well known as a social media marketer and internet marketing expert. His two businesses, Energy Capitalism and Energy Match, have made him an incredibly rich man. But what is it that has made Norm Ebenstein and Vimeo Social Profiles one of the hottest and most sought after social media marketing companies in the world today? It’s simple really, these two entrepreneurs are brilliant when it comes to getting people to notice their products and services.

Norm Ebenstein and Vimeo Social Profiles

The concept of Vimeo Social Profiles is fairly simple. They are business-oriented social networking sites that allow internet users with a valid email address to create and manage a profile. In order for a person to promote their business or site they can add their company website URL, banners, photos, videos and more right into their profile. The social networking site then rewards these individuals with special incentives, gifts and privileges such as being able to reply to other individuals and creating virtual friendships across the globe.

One of the main draws to Norm Ebenstein and Vimeo Social Profiles is the fact that they allow entrepreneurs to build massive networks that are targeted to their specific interests. These individuals can then use their profile as a portal to promote their businesses to the rest of the internet community. This is achieved by adding and replying to various articles, forums and blogs that are related to their particular business niche. This process allows them to get their message out to an extremely targeted audience that is looking for what they have to offer.

There are many other ways in which Norm Ebenstein and Vimeo Social Profiles are beneficial to business owners and entrepreneurs. When you sign up for the membership you will immediately gain access to their web stats. Here you can see the number of unique visitors that are landing on your business’s website as well as how many of those visitors are staying around for more than 5 minutes. Additionally, you will be able to view that social media sites your most popular visitors are coming from.

Ebenstein states that he built his Vimeo Social Profile system with two goals in mind; to build a community around his business and to increase the amount of traffic directed to his website. Both of these aims are entirely achievable with his Vimeo Social Profile system. Because of this, every time there is a new blog post, article or video posted on Norm’s Vimeo Profile, the profile is automatically updated and reposted.

As someone who owns and operates his own business, it is imperative to maintain a social networking strategy. The last thing you want to do is lose a potential client because you did not think about the potential consequences of not posting the proper social networking tactics. Ebenstein knows that the internet is a powerful marketing tool and that using it to effectively promote and grow a business is crucial. He has researched the best ways to utilize social networking as a means of building and expanding a business. Through his research he came up with a plan that includes four components.

The first component of Norm’s Vimeo Social Profile system is the ability to build and maintain a strong social network. In order for your Vimeo Social Profile to work, it must be visible to all of the major social networks. This means that every time you create a profile, it should be approved by a quality administrator. By maintaining the status of your profile, it shows your potential customers that you are serious about building a solid social network. It also helps to keep track of the number of visits that your profile receives.

The second component of the system is the ability to interact with prospects. When people are aware that they can be connected to a prospect, they are more likely to become active in the social networking web site. Through the social networking web site, you can offer services or products to your prospects. You can post links to articles and web sites where your prospects can find more information about your products. By using the social networking site to connect with prospects, you are able to increase your web site’s traffic.