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After serving for forty-eight years, Chairman Norman Ebenstein Eden Center of Eden Investments passed on. Prior to his passing, he had taken a personal leave of absence. During this time he had restructured and reorganized the entire company. One of the changes he made was to take over the failed Boca Raton, Florida real estate investment firm, which had been operated by his son, Thomas. In due course of time, Thomas and Co. sold off Boca Raton properties to interested parties through the Eden Center, Inc. properties division.

The Eden Center, Incorporated was formed in 1958. Its main business was real estate investment. It did not have any experience in the construction industry or any other business opportunities. Chairman Norman Ebenstein had the vision to make the company a strong one, and he did so by investing his personal savings in Boca Raton real estate properties.

Chairman Norman Ebenstein Eden Center

Eventually, through his tireless efforts and hard work, the company’s assets were able to grow. It became a giant in its own right and it became known as Boca Raton real estate. Today Boca Raton properties are sold through the Eden Center, Incorporated properties division. The company still focuses on real estate investments and developments.

Chairman Ebenstein had a long history in business and government. He was also an active member of the Peace Corps Volunteer Force. It was here, in India, that he gained a keen interest in local history. After completing his service in the Peace Corp, Chairman Ebenstein traveled to the United States to complete a Ph.D. degree in history at the University of Michigan. There he focused his efforts on developing the Boca Raton real estate market and in particular, developing the Boca Raton waterfront area.

In Boca Raton, Florida, homes are built with a unique style and by designers who have a true understanding of tropical landscaping. These homes offer breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and interspersed with manicured lawns and beautiful gardens. A true Boca Raton real estate market is made up of homes for sale, resale or rent. These homes offer a wide selection of luxury condos, town homes, single family units, estates and single family homes. A true Boca Raton real estate market offers homes in various price ranges, from Boca Raton waterfront homes to modest single family dwellings.

The real estate properties include both Boca Raton and Palm Beach neighborhoods. Boca Raton homes are located on pristine white beaches with green, landscaped gardens. These properties are in the sought after low price range and come with all of the amenities that are needed for comfortable living including fireplaces, kitchens with cooking facilities and ample parking. Many Boca Raton homes also come with swimming pools, which is why the city is considered to be one of the best places to raise children because of the number of educational institutions that can be found here. Boca Raton real estate also includes real estate units that are situated near attractive schools that can be used for attending elementary, middle and high school.

Many of the Boca Raton real estate properties offer proximity to world class restaurants and shopping malls. The Boca Raton International Airport also offers inexpensive flight tickets to various destinations in the United States, as well as other countries. There are a number of parks in Boca Raton, as well as a children’s park. Boca Raton real estate properties are priced at reasonable prices that anyone can afford.

Chairman Norman Ebenstein lives in the Boca Raton area and has owned real estate properties for over thirty years. As he is well known and respected in the community, many people trust his judgment regarding what type of Boca Raton real estate they should purchase or lease. Anyone who would like to learn more about Boca Raton homes for sale, as well as other areas in Palm Beach County, can consult a Palm Beach real estate broker who is familiar with all of the neighborhoods in Boca Raton and can help you find a home that meets your investment goals and your lifestyle.